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Dear Prospective Client:

Thank you for the opportunity to present 21st Sentry Security to you. Our clients rate 21st Sentry as the best company in the valley for security. It is my belief that 21st Sentry Security meets all your demands of a Security Service and more, as you will see in the following pages.

We are sure that you will find our service comprehensive and very pro-active. Our Managers, Supervisors, and Officers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Through our communication network of Dispatchers, Office phones, Cell Phones and Radio Communication you will receive a very prompt response to any issues that may arise.

21st Sentry Security employees have a vast knowledge and experience that can meet all of your security needs.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Richard Roll


Our Security Agency has set out to be different from the competition. The goal of our company is not to be the largest company in the business. Our goal is strictly to provide a type service no other company presently provides. We will be available to the client 24 hours a day 7 days a week to address the clients every need. We have developed a 24-hour client dispatch center where a live body answers the phone every time it rings and ensures that all the client’s needs are meet. The founders saw that there was a huge need for a company that could not only provide the full range of security services, but also provide them to the client on a personal basis. Every client we take will receive the dispatch number. The general manager’s cell phone and home phone and the number to the on call supervisor’s cell as well this ensuring the client is able to contact the correct person he or she might need.

1) Available 24 hours/day – 7 days/week to address client needs;

2) Developed 24 hour Dispatch Center to answer phones live;

3) Full Contact List of Phone Numbers to include:

a. Top Management Home Phone and Cell Phone Numbers;

b. On-Call Supervisory Phone Number;

There will never be a reason that someone cannot be reached to address any client need. We saw that there was a huge need for a company that not only could provide a full range of security services, but also provide such service to the client on a personal basis! We guarantee our service.


The 21st Sentry Security management concept can be summarized in one phrase: (Teamwork and Immediate Response).

Our management represents a combined total of more than 22 years experience in the security industry, and we are dedicated to providing the highest quality security personnel available.

Strong management sees its direction as not only legal and ethical accountability, but also anticipation of change, whether planned or unexpected. We feel it is the extra effort, to discover and react to potential difficulties before they become major problems, which makes 21st Sentry unique.

The goal of 21st Sentry security is to provide a professional approach to the protection of our client’s property. Our relationship and immediate response is what sets 21st Sentry apart the rest.

Qualifications of Senior Officer Personnel

David Leisch – 13 years of management experience in the security industry, 8 years owner manager of 21st Sentry Security and is State Of Arizona Certified Security Officer.

Richard Lee Roll – U S Army Retired with 20 years Military Security, covering four deployments in Kosovo, Macedonia, Bosnia, and Iraq. He earned seven medals during this period, including the Bronze Star. Following this retirement, he completed over 10 years Contract Security Management, a State of Arizona Certified Security Officer.

Security Officers

21st Sentry will provide you with any number of our well trained officers that will be necessary for the protection of your property. Management personal and field officers will work with you to create a custom set of Post Orders which our officers will execute every shift. A daily activity report is mandatory for every shift worked. All security officers employed by 21st Sentry, to include the officers assigned to your account posses an Unarmed Security Guard license issued by the State of Arizona. In order for the State of Arizona Department of Public Safety to issue an Unarmed Security Guard license, an individual must successfully complete the 8-hour pre-assignment training course and submit their fingerprints for the purpose of obtaining state and federal criminal background checks. Every 21st Sentry guard meets all of the Arizona State Legislature Statutes governing security guards.

Officers serving your account will meet all of the physical, proficiency and uniform qualifications required as outlined by the security services. The uniform supplied to our officers consists of black slacks and Tan shirts with badge, shoulder patches, and identification. A black jacket with patches and badge is worn during colder weather.

Patrol Service

A uniformed 21st Sentry patrol officer arrives at your property and conducts a walk through inspection lasting 15 – 20 minutes. You determine the number of visits and inspections per shift. This is not the typical security drive through. Our officers inspect your property on foot and write a report on each inspection.

Technical & Training

All 21st Sentry guards undergo the following training in addition to the state mandated training. Areas of training and reporting:

A. Powers of Arrest

B. Spotlighting of exterior structures

C. Use of Force

D. Customer Service

E. Uniform

F. Report Procedures

G. Alarm reports and procedures

H. Ethics

I. Radio communication

J. First Response

K. Fire Prevention and Protection

L. Basic First Aid

M. Patrolling Procedures


21ST Sentry offers very competitive rates and highly competitive service. We will meet or beat any ones prices. We offer both onsite and roving patrol service. Pricing will be covered in Proposal.

Contact Us

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2135 E. Knudson Drive
Phoenix, AZ 85024

David Leisch
Phone: (480) 233-8877

Richard Roll
Phone: (623) 556-7121

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