Security Officers

21st Sentry will provide you with any number of our well trained officers that will be necessary for the protection of your property. Management personal and field officers will work with you to create a custom set of Post Orders which our officers will execute every shift. A daily activity report is mandatory for every shift worked. All security officers employed by 21st Sentry, to include the officers assigned to your account posses an Unarmed Security Guard license issued by the State of Arizona. In order for the State of Arizona Department of Public Safety to issue an Unarmed Security Guard license, an individual must successfully complete the 8-hour pre-assignment training course and submit their fingerprints for the purpose of obtaining state and federal criminal background checks. Every 21st Sentry guard meets all of the Arizona State Legislature Statutes governing security guards.

Officers serving your account will meet all of the physical, proficiency and uniform qualifications required as outlined by the security services. The uniform supplied to our officers consists of black slacks and Tan shirts with badge, shoulder patches, and identification. A black jacket with patches and badge is worn during colder weather.